The 2010 World cup in South Africa

(actualisé le ) par Mme Broutin

The 2010 world cup in south Africa

The world cup in 2010 was in
South Africa. The winner was Spain.
In spite of the defeat versus Switzerland,
Spain was qualifed for the eighth of

For the eighth of final Spain
confronted Portugal. Spain
Won the match 1-0

Then, for the quarter of final Spain
confronted Paraguay. After a good
match Paraguay lost versus Spain

For the semi final Spain affronted
a very good team : Germany with
ozil, schweinsteiger, Mario Gomez…
Spain won after a complicated match
By 1-0

Then the time of the final of the world cup
in south Africa arrived : the final was Spain versus
the Netherlands. This match was complicated with
a lot faults. Finally Spain was the
winner of the world cup

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